[Rdap] [Rdap-planning] Suggest an RDAP12 demonstration session

Hughes, John S (3880) john.s.hughes at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Aug 11 12:26:20 EDT 2011

Hi Mike,

Last year we presented "Leveraging Open Source Technologies to Enable Scientific Archiving and Discovery", a presentation focused on the Apache open source project, "Object-Oriented Data Technology".

This year we would be willing to demonstrate the latest component of this open source framework and its deployment in the next generation Planetary Data System.

Title: "An Open Source Registry for Research Data Repositories"

The registry is based on a standard registry reference model and is designed to manage objects defined by the domain experts. It performs object identification, versioning, tracking, subscription/notification, indexing, classification, and object association, i.e. the basic functionality of most research data repositories. The registry is configured for a specific domain using an ontology or information model created by domain experts. We would also demonstrate how this framework could be configured for use within other RDAP community domains.


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