[Rdap] NEWS RELEASE: New DuraCloud services provide cost effective preservation and archiving in the cloud

Carol Minton Morris cmmorris at fedora-commons.org
Tue May 1 09:43:32 EDT 2012

May 1, 2012
Contact: Carol Minton Morris <cmmorris at duraspace.org>
Read it online: http://bit.ly/JaH9bp

*New DuraCloud Digital **Preservation and **Archiving Services*
*Features and pricing for simple and cost effective preservation and
archiving in the cloud*

*Ithaca, NY* Today the DuraSpace organization announced new DuraCloud (
http://DuraCloud.org <http://duracloud.org/>) subscription plans that offer
three levels of cost effective digital preservation and archiving services
in the cloud. Prices for the new subscription
plans<http://duracloud.org/pricing>are competitive with commercial
cloud providers and do not require
additional transfer or variable costs.

DuraCloud customers of the managed service can now choose between three
plans that offer various solutions for preservation and enterprise use
cases. The *DuraCloud Preservation Basic *subscription is great for
institutions that would like to have two redundant copies of their original
content stored at one cloud data center. For added protection, the *DuraCloud
Preservation Plus* plan is perfect for institutions that wish to have four
redundant copies of their original content stored at two cloud data
centers. The *DuraCloud Enterprise* subscription plan provides a full suite
of configurable DuraCloud features and is ideal for institutions that need
multiple DuraCloud sub-accounts for departments, research groups, cross
institutional projects, or individuals. To ensure preservation of
irreplaceable content DuraCloud now offers automated weekly content health
checks, reporting, file repair  and more.  For more information, including
the full list of features for each plan, please visit
DuraCloud features at-a-glance*
For archiving digital library materials and research output from academic
institutions, museums, government organizations and professional
organizations DuraCloud is the only managed software service that archives
content across more than one cloud provider so that documents, imagery and
videos are always accessible. DuraCloud runs on Amazon AWS, Rackspace and
in the near future on the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) Cloud–the
largest academic-based cloud storage system in the U.S. DuraCloud provides
customers with:

• *Copies of your content *stored with multiple providers

• *Automated health checking* of content, so your files are never corrupted
or lost

• *Automated repair of damaged files* for Preservation Plus customers

• *A full suite of reports* that let you more effectively manage your

• *Online sharing and streaming* to any internet-linked device

*For more information register for a free web seminar showcasing new
features** and prices*
Join Carissa Smith, DuraCloud Partner Specialist, on *Wednesday, May 9 at
2pm ET* for an online demonstration of DuraCloud's new automatic health
check services, integrated dashboard reporting features, as well as
streaming and sharing capabilities. There will be time at the end of the
session to ask questions.

*Register HERE:
Contact Carissa Smith (csmith at duraspace.org) for more information.

*About DuraSpace*
DuraSpace (http://DuraSpace.org <http://duraspace.org/>) is a 501(c)(3)
not-for-profit organization. DuraSpace software and services are used
worldwide as solutions for open access, institutional repositories, digital
libraries, digital archives, data curation, virtual research environments,
and more. The organization's open source technology portfolio includes the
DSpace open access repository application and the Fedora open repository
platform. DuraSpace is the home of DuraCloud, a cloud-based software
service that leverages existing cloud infrastructure to enable durability
and access to digital content. The DuraSpace team includes recognized
leaders and experts in the management of digital information who work with
an active and diverse international community committed to the durability
of digital resources.

Carol Minton Morris
Director of Marketing and Communications
cmmorris at DuraSpace.org
Skype: carolmintonmorris
607 592-3135
Twitter at DuraSpace <http://twitter.com/duraspace>
Twitter at DuraCloud <http://twitter.com/duracloud>
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