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*Sept. 27, 2012
Contact: Carol Minton Morris, (cmmorris at duraspace.org)
Read it online: http://dell.to/NTBQDv

*From Dell Global Education Communications, University of Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign and DuraSpace*

*Dell and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Create Preservation
Archive with Open Source Fedora Repository Software*

• One of the largest public university libraries in the country uses open
source software on Dell DX Object Storage Platform to manage and protect
digital assets
• University lowers storage total cost of ownership with scalability to
support archive growth

*ROUND ROCK  * Working with Dell, the University of Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign has created a new digital archive for its university
system that simplifies how it manages digital assets, including rare books
and faculty intellectual property output such as research documents, papers
and lectures — content typically produced in multiple digital formats.  The
new archive reduces storage costs and streamlines the management, retention
and protection of scholarly works through a solution based on the Dell DX
Object Storage Platform and DuraSpace Open Source Fedora Commons Repository
Software.  Critical for the university was the ability to meet today’s
needs and to scale efficiently over time as digital content evolves and

Explosive data growth and large data sets make it more difficult for
libraries, museums and government organizations to efficiently preserve and
protect documents, multimedia content and digital assets for future
generations. As one of the largest public university libraries in the
world, the Library at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
manages the intellectual property and digital content created by faculty,
administrators and students -- from one-of-a-kind, fragile books that can
create 600 to 800 image objects once digitized, to retiring professors’
collections of work over a 20- to 25-year tenure.

After considering its digital archive and retention goals, the University
of Illinois customized a version of Fedora Repository Software and combined
it with the Dell DX Object Storage Platform. The platform automatically
replicates an archive master and a working master of each file to simplify
data backup, storing one copy on the University’s main library cluster and
a second copy in its engineering library. In the future, a third copy will
be archived in the cloud to further simplify data access and sharing across
the University system. The Dell DX Platform also produces metadata to
manage the archive, identifying files that need to be transitioned from
older to newer digital formats for future generations. And the DX Object
Storage Platform’s plug and play framework lets archivists add additional
retention capacity to the digital archive as it is needed, simply and


John Mullen, Vice President, Education and State & Local Government, Dell
“With the transition from stacks and the Dewey Decimal system to bytes,
clusters and metadata, academic libraries need a digital archiving strategy
that addresses their immediate and future needs. The University of
Illinois’ innovative and open approach to this challenge is a practical
model for any university.”

Thomas Habing, Research Programmer, Research and Development, University of
Illinois at Urbana- Champaign Library
“This opportunity provides us with extra resources to further the
development of the Library’s digital preservation archive. It also allows
us to continue to utilize Open Source Fedora Commons Repository Software
while at the same time employing a commercially-supported object storage
platform with many digital preservation features, such as replication and
validation, which we will not need to implement ourselves.  Plus, we can
share all of our development efforts back to the open source community
which helps everyone, including Dell.”

Michele Kimpton, CEO of DuraSpace
“The Open Source Fedora repository platform is used by more than 400
institutions around the globe. We believe commercial implementations, such
as Dell, provide our users with the best of both worlds -- hardware and
services from a large-scale commercial vendor integrated with open source
software, Fedora Repository. The total package provides users with greater
transparency and durability in the long run.”

*About Dell*
Dell Inc. (NASDAQ: DELL) listens to customers and delivers innovative
technology and services that give them the power to do more. For more
information, visit www.dell.com.

*About University of Illinois*
The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has long been ranked among
the nation’s most distinguished teaching and research institutions. Its
diverse, world-class programs reflect the mission of a land-grant
university. The largest public university in Illinois, the Urbana campus
was chartered by the state in 1867 as the Illinois Industrial University
and opened its doors to students in 1868. Its library is ranked highly
nationally and globally, and its collections and services are used heavily
by students, faculty, and scholars. For more information, please visit

*About DuraSpace*
DuraSpace is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.  DuraSpace software
and services are used worldwide as solutions for open access, institutional
repositories, digital libraries, digital archives, data curation, virtual
research environments and more.  The organization’s open-source technology
portfolio includes DSpace open access repository application and the Fedora
open repository platform. DuraSpace is the home of DuraCloud, a cloud-based
software service that leverages existing cloud infrastructure to enable
durability and access to digital content.  For more information, visit
www.duraspace.org <http://duraspace.org>.

*Contact Information*

Kari Sherrodd
Dell Global Education Communications
+1 (512)  728 2835; Kari_Sherrodd at dell.com<http://mailto:Kari_Sherrodd@dell.com>

Heather  Murphy
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Assistant Director of Advancement for
Publications and Public Affairs
+1 (217) 333 3758; hmurphy at illinois.edu <http://mailto:hmurphy@illinois.edu>

Carol Minton Morris
DuraSpace Director of Marketing and Communications
+1 (607) 592 3135; cmmorris at duraspace.org<http://mailto:cmmorris@duraspace.org>

Carol Minton Morris
Director of Marketing and Communications
cmmorris at DuraSpace.org
Skype: carolmintonmorris
607 592-3135
Twitter at DuraSpace <http://twitter.com/duraspace>
Twitter at DuraCloud <http://twitter.com/duracloud>
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