[Rdap] NEWS RELEASE: DuraCloud Kicks Off 2013 With Storage Price Reductions!

Carol Minton Morris cmmorris at fedora-commons.org
Wed Jan 23 08:52:44 EST 2013


January 23, 2013
Contact: Carol Minton Morris <cmmorris at duraspace.org>
Read it online: http://bit.ly/Vjz27f

*New 2013 DuraCloud Price Cuts*

*Winchester, MA *Today the DuraSpace organization announced price cuts to
DuraCloud <http://duracloud.org> storage costs for each subscription
plan—Preservation Basic, Preservation Plus, and DuraCloud Enterprise. Each
plan offers customers affordable and managed digital preservation and
archiving services matched to customers' needs. DuraCloud subscription
plans are competitive with commercial cloud providers, do not require
additional transfer or variable costs, and reflect recent price cuts across
most major cloud storage providers including Amazon, Google, Azure, HP, and

The new prices have been posted on the DuraCloud web site:

Key DuraCloud benefits include:

• Copies of your content stored with multiple providers

• Automated health checking of content, so files are never corrupted or lost

• Easy to use content synchronization and retrieval tools

• A full suite of reports that let you more effectively manage your content

• Online sharing and streaming to any internet-linked device

• Permissions and access controls for content stored in the cloud

A FREE 2-month DuraCloud trial run comes complete with one-on-one customer
support and a production DuraCloud instance that allows you to upload any
of your content to DuraCloud and test all of the DuraCloud services. This
is an opportunity for you to find out how cloud storage and services can
help you plan for meeting your back-up, preservation, streaming, and
collaboration needs now and for the future. DuraCloud is the only "one
click to the cloud" managed cloud service that provides you with instant
access to multiple locations and providers.

Take advantage of DuraCloud <http://duracloud.org> 2013 price cuts today!
Apply for your free DuraCloud trial account here:


If you have any questions please contact us at
info at duracloud.org<http://mailto:info@duracloud.org>


DuraSpace <http://duraspace.org> is an independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit
organization founded in 2009 when the Fedora Commons organization and the
DSpace Foundation, two of the largest providers of open source repository
software, joined to pursue a common mission to preserve our shared
scholarly, scientific and cultural record. The DuraSpace community includes
more than 1,500 worldwide institutions that use DSpace or Fedora open
source repository software to provide durable access to documents, imagery
and media. More information at DuraSpace.org <http://duraspace.org>.

Carol Minton Morris
Director of Marketing and Communications
cmmorris at DuraSpace.org
Skype: carolmintonmorris
607 592-3135
Twitter at DuraSpace <http://twitter.com/duraspace>
Twitter at DuraCloud <http://twitter.com/duracloud>
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