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Thomas Murphy tomurphy at umich.edu
Wed Jul 1 14:15:13 EDT 2015

The just had a user group meeting the second week of June. I went well from
what I heard. I would encourage you to reach out to Emily at IQSS for more
information on starting up a local group as well.

Best regards!

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On Wed, Jul 1, 2015 at 1:17 PM, Paula Lackie <plackie at carleton.edu> wrote:

> My apologies for cross posting an rdap thread to iassist but I'm hopeful
> that we will get more information about supporting dataverse this way.
> In response to the question from rdap asking for advise on setting up a
> dataverse: I am sure that others will have more usefully direct information
> but I at least have a couple of points that I hope may at trigger some
> larger collaborations.
> First; I'm assuming the school is planning on running it from a hosted
> service. In that cast there's no direct control over the version so it will
> be useful to pay attention to whether or when the host has upgraded. The
> newest version reportedly has much greater security controls but I haven't
> played with it yet to know how easy (or not) it may be. We have a tiny
> pilot project that has been graciously hosted by the Odum Institute and
> they have not yet upgraded to the new version.
> The previous version is reportedly a behemoth to run so if they were
> considering installing it locally, they will need an extremely powerful
> system to support it. I assume that the newer version is similarly
> power-hungry.
> And on to my distracting question:
> Does anyone know of a group of dataverse user-support people or do we need
> to start such a group?
> If it/they exist, where?
> Thank you kind data people!
> Paula Lackie
> Carleton College
> Research and Data Support
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> > On Jul 1, 2015, at 8:11 AM, Cunera M Buys <c-buys at northwestern.edu>
> wrote:
> >
> > Hi everyone
> >
> > A school here at Northwestern is considering using Harvard's Dataverse
> software to create a data repository.  Does anyone have experience using
> the Dataverse software? If so, we'd like to know about your experience. We
> are interesting in learning all we can about Dataverse software and have
> questions such as was using the software easy or difficult, what problems
> you encountered, the amount of time and staffing needed, any costs etc.
> >
> > Feel free to contact me off list.
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> > Cunera Buys
> > E-science Librarian
> > Northwestern University Library
> > c-buys at northwestern.edu
> > 847-491-2906
> >
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