[Rdap] FW: IEEE DataPort

Daureen Nesdill daureen.nesdill at utah.edu
Thu Dec 14 13:56:04 EST 2017

When I first looked at it I was reading conflicting info on whether it is open access or not.
The fact that they want to include all subject areas, but the datasets are behind a paywall is problematic.
Seems they are taking a lead from ICPSR where access is also by membership and it can cost to deposit data.


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This is a problem:  “You must be an IEEE Dataport Subscriber to access these files.”
(source: https://ieee-dataport.org/documents/sar-ship-dataset-detection-discrimination-and-analysis)

More bad news imoho follows… (source: https://ieee-dataport.org/faq/how-do-i-become-ieee-dataport-beta-tester)
“All beta testers will receive a coupon code for FREE subscriber access to all IEEE DataPort Datasets (regular price: $40/month).
All beta testers will receive a coupon code for a FREE Open Access Dataset upload (regular price: $1,950/dataset).
All IEEE DataPort users may upload standard (non-Open Access) datasets for FREE.”

I’m sorry but I just see this as yet another was for them to up subscription charges to libraries and/or pass the buck to authors while getting priority access, if not ownership, of the data.
Not. Cool.


From: Rdap [mailto:rdap-bounces at asist.org] On Behalf Of Daureen Nesdill
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Subject: Re: [Rdap] FW: IEEE DataPort

Not exactly the same, but Figshare has worked with a few societies to act as the repository for their data. I don’t know Figshare’s size limit but IEEE is listing 1TB.


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Subject: Re: [Rdap] FW: IEEE DataPort

Thanks for sharing Daureen!
This is a really interesting development; my experience has been that engineering disciplines by and large have been uninterested in data sharing. I don't think IEEE has a data sharing/data availability policy, but I imagine this could be a precursor to such a policy.

Also interesting to see a professional society to take it upon themselves to provide a research data repository solution. I wonder how many others might do the same...

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Look what my Assoc VP for Research just sent me about IEEE’s new Data Repository – scroll down a bit.
Daureen Nesdill


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Welcome to the December Authors at IEEE Newsletter

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Additionally, IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games has changed its title to IEEE Transactions on Games<http://www.mmsend10.com/link.cfm?r=vleGHLsdUvZpGgX__FhxIw~~&pe=xF0dnaRoaTlZXnkZvJgQ7Pn3evIlZnAKTNuNta0PFWSz4diUMrqhZc2JJkSqnL6XjU4kgN3MaWznRimZM0ZUfw~~&t=qIpx8Zo9oaz9TslV_p9vAg~~>. IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing<http://www.mmsend10.com/link.cfm?r=vleGHLsdUvZpGgX__FhxIw~~&pe=KH0aKAJ4xtSOI4ElG2fSPGPfFx0WeQDwDRBiJtS8WqVVIboSa4BITv24A1EHyaiHrgtnvW4q7HQWcmPEUur6Jg~~&t=qIpx8Zo9oaz9TslV_p9vAg~~> has updated its scope.

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Identifying Predatory Journals

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Possibly predatory journals or publishers can be identified in the following ways:

  *   Unprofessional website with spelling and grammatical errors
  *   Submission invitation emails with grammatical errors, overly flattering language, and an urgent request for a reply
  *   An "Impact Factor," but no listing in the Web of Science Journal Citation Report
  *   Prominent announcement that the publication is indexed in Google Scholar but not in high quality databases such as Web of Science or Scopus
  *   Journal title is very similar to a well-established journal
  *   Unusual journal scope that is either very broad or combines unrelated fields
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  *   Study on Three-Phase Photovoltaic Systems Under Grid Faults<http://www.mmsend10.com/link.cfm?r=vleGHLsdUvZpGgX__FhxIw~~&pe=59J4B14JeY3pWqhj5qKd9Xq2AWZ0x6hGL3ygS9UqXn7FCa2GnhkPc9ZcTTYlgQP5BHc7dQi0CTJHSvvlZuLQvQ~~&t=qIpx8Zo9oaz9TslV_p9vAg~~> (DOI 10.21227/H25633<http://www.mmsend10.com/link.cfm?r=vleGHLsdUvZpGgX__FhxIw~~&pe=0lFl-E_P31YeoMKbP9-v-5f3Y71HIs6ua-k9FyoZal1fek0tLK2-fcrzvVQ41953RZLDTwavj4_h2yQXS7Hzmg~~&t=qIpx8Zo9oaz9TslV_p9vAg~~>)
  *   Decoding Local Field Potentials for Neural Interfaces<http://www.mmsend10.com/link.cfm?r=vleGHLsdUvZpGgX__FhxIw~~&pe=hwFaMtp8HAYJLDspzBDvsVVlcQeWN6Rf5hm1aeRdj4vYEo7IagGsQsgrFYFHL7HvEbdOzIdV0lbqCQ78FwWuvg~~&t=qIpx8Zo9oaz9TslV_p9vAg~~> (DOI 10.21227/H2VW5Z<http://www.mmsend10.com/link.cfm?r=vleGHLsdUvZpGgX__FhxIw~~&pe=PWhpT5VVL_uHo-BgeoRxAfnJf0AB0n49ZcAqyg0DGt0WBqjxYm8Ftn1XLbSG5ntoZGoYFyVO24rjoRtihuvWhA~~&t=qIpx8Zo9oaz9TslV_p9vAg~~>)
  *   A SAR Ship Dataset for Detection, Discrimination and Analysis<http://www.mmsend10.com/link.cfm?r=vleGHLsdUvZpGgX__FhxIw~~&pe=nMWenrG0eJsWnEgyo-w3ES7elTp1N5lw--JPZHe3rIWW-LD4oqK7FArPG5XiMm0_E87LSk0o2ELCxuOhdkxv0Q~~&t=qIpx8Zo9oaz9TslV_p9vAg~~> (DOI: 10.21227/H2RK82<http://www.mmsend10.com/link.cfm?r=vleGHLsdUvZpGgX__FhxIw~~&pe=2SxNANARf5i-A4zn8nuBvKLTbqJjhmw_b01A2Y1mk6ynEj90Qle-nUxXVmUv96T9HbMG09gIHw80e48TVzYqAQ~~&t=qIpx8Zo9oaz9TslV_p9vAg~~>)
Datasets up to 2TB are accepted and each dataset receives a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) upon upload. Standard datasets can always be uploaded free of charge. To make your dataset available to all IEEE DataPort users at no cost, use coupon code OPENACCESS1 through the end of 2017.

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