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Jonathan Petters jpetters at vt.edu
Thu Dec 14 15:10:57 EST 2017

Hmm, makes me wonder if it's worth a concerted (short) effort to ask some
pointed questions of the IEEE DataPort folks. There is a contact person
given, a Melissa Handa....



Seems they are taking a lead from ICPSR where access is also by membership
and it can cost to deposit data.

But only kind of. ICPSR puts massive amounts of work into the curation of
the data they charge for. If you just want to upload some data yourself (as
is the case for DataPort – data becomes available immediately after
submission) you can do this for free (and have it freely accessible)
through OpenICSPR or many other services like Zenodo, Harvard Dataverse,
figshare. The only selling point appears to be the high size limit of 2TB
and the name.

I agree with Megan that this is not good.


This is a problem:  “You must be an IEEE Dataport Subscriber to access
these files.”
(source: https://ieee-dataport.org/documents/sar-ship-dataset-

More bad news imoho follows… (source: https://ieee-dataport.org/faq/

“All beta testers will receive a coupon code for FREE subscriber access to
all IEEE DataPort Datasets (regular price: $40/month).

All beta testers will receive a coupon code for a FREE Open Access Dataset
upload (regular price: $1,950/dataset).

All IEEE DataPort users may upload standard (non-Open Access) datasets for

I’m sorry but I just see this as yet another was for them to up
subscription charges to libraries and/or pass the buck to authors while
getting priority access, if not ownership, of the data.

Not. Cool.

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