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I am curious to know if anyone is aware of researchers at their respective institutions who are using bioRxiv<http://biorxiv.org/> ("bioarchive), a preprint server for the biological sciences.  I have been introduced to this site only recently.

What is the overall opinion - pros and cons - of using such a tool in your institution?  I'm interested to hear from anyone using a similar tool, as well.

For anyone unfamiliar, researchers will deposit a manuscript before it has undergone a peer review, allowing others to see, discuss, and comment on the findings immediately.  Researchers who visit the site need to keep this in mind, as there may be errors or information that has not yet been accepted/endorsed by the scientific or medical community.  There are options for posting immediately to social networking sites.  Additionally, there are metrics for article usage by month (abstract and PDF) and number of Tweets.

Thank you.

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