[Rdap] seeking counsel - forming RDAP financial advisory taskforce

Koshoffer, Amy (koshofae) KOSHOFAE at UCMAIL.UC.EDU
Sun Jan 13 00:35:00 EST 2019

Dear RDAP colleagues,

As RDAP gets off the ground, one major project we are working on is applying for 501c3 tax status.  I am seeking folks who have some experience as former treasurers or other financial experience to serve on a financial advisory taskforce for RDAP.  This group would exist for a limited time, and the tasks of this group would be to establish the financial guidelines for RDAP and develop templates and guides for reporting to the community to ensure we are in compliance with various government agencies.  If you are interested and have some time to help or if you have questions about the timeframe or time commitment, please email me at koshofae at ucmail.uc.edu<mailto:koshofae at ucmail.uc.edu>.

Amy Koshoffer
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