[Rdap] Digital Preservation Work Featured in May issue of Discover Magazine

William L Anderson band at praxis101.com
Wed Jun 15 15:05:06 EDT 2011

Gary et al., I just attended OR2011, but am unable to be at JCDL this
year. I am agnostic about changing RDAP2012, and commitments have been
made. But looking past 2012 it might make sense for RDAP, OR, and JCDL
to become one info and data access and preservation summit. It does make
for a long week, but these are overlapping communities that are
separated by the proliferation of individual conferences. And the topics
of research data management cross many of these conference boundaries.
In addition, funding for travel will be constrained in the coming years,
so perhaps consolidation, or a loose confederation, is an attractive idea?


On 6/15/11 1:48 PM, Gary Marchionini wrote:
> this is important to know Dick....unless there is very strong and
> immediate action, we should stick with plan for 2012....I will do a bit
> more investigation the rest of today here at JCDL....FYI, JCDL 2013 will
> be in Indianapolis so we might consider this again next year...there are
> issues of cost sharing that will be challenging to work out in any case.
> g
> On Jun 15, 2011, at 1:51 PM, Richard Hill wrote:
>> I have already made HOTEL Commitments.  IF this is the group’s intent,
>> I need a decision right away so I can start TRYING to back out of
>> those commitments.
>> Dick
>>[ ... ]

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