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Michael J. Giarlo michael at psu.edu
Tue Jun 21 14:27:23 EDT 2011

I've been mulling this over the past week, and I'm not sure a 
mega-conference about all things digital- and data-related would be very 
attractive to me.  Open Repositories and RDAP seem to be geared 
primarily towards the practitioner side of the practice-research 
spectrum, whereas my impression of JCDL and its peers are more towards 
the research side.

If OR and RDAP become less about practice than theory, then I can see 
practitioners losing interest -- and they need events to share best 
practices, tools, and tips.

Additionally, both OR and JCDL seem like rather long meetings when you 
factor in pre-conferences and post-conferences.  I wouldn't want them to 
be any longer, and I rather like that RDAP is as short as it is.

I see a real need for conferences like OR and RDAP for those of us who 
have boots on the ground, and I do hope they remain separate.

If RDAP is to be merged into JCDL, I would hope that the relationship 
would be similar to RDAP's relationship with IA Summit, which is to say 
that one can attend RDAP without needing to drop extra dollars on a 
longer, less relevant conference (for some of us).

My two cents.


On 06/15/2011 03:05 PM, William L Anderson wrote:
> Gary et al., I just attended OR2011, but am unable to be at JCDL this
> year. I am agnostic about changing RDAP2012, and commitments have been
> made. But looking past 2012 it might make sense for RDAP, OR, and JCDL
> to become one info and data access and preservation summit. It does make
> for a long week, but these are overlapping communities that are
> separated by the proliferation of individual conferences. And the topics
> of research data management cross many of these conference boundaries.
> In addition, funding for travel will be constrained in the coming years,
> so perhaps consolidation, or a loose confederation, is an attractive idea?
> -Bill
> On 6/15/11 1:48 PM, Gary Marchionini wrote:
>> this is important to know Dick....unless there is very strong and
>> immediate action, we should stick with plan for 2012....I will do a bit
>> more investigation the rest of today here at JCDL....FYI, JCDL 2013 will
>> be in Indianapolis so we might consider this again next year...there are
>> issues of cost sharing that will be challenging to work out in any case.
>> g
>> On Jun 15, 2011, at 1:51 PM, Richard Hill wrote:
>>> I have already made HOTEL Commitments.  IF this is the group’s intent,
>>> I need a decision right away so I can start TRYING to back out of
>>> those commitments.
>>> Dick
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