[Rdap] Research Data Deposit Agreement Language

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IU Bloomington uses the standard deposit agreement [1], with separate instructions on what data will be accepted [2].

[1] Repository Deposit License Agreement - https://scholarworks.iu.edu/research/license.php
[2] Data Content Guidelines - http://scholarworks.iu.edu/data/d_guidelines.php

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For data that is deposited in IDEALS we use the exact same license agreement:



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Greetings and Happy Friday -

I know I'll be seeing a number of you next month at the RDAP Summit, but I have a question for which I hope some of you have insight.

We are seeking to establish a "standard" deposit agreement to be executed with Rutgers (i.e., internal) researchers who are working with us to deposit data in our RUcore institutional repository.  So far, during the initial development of the repository, the process has been quite informal - we've been happy to have faculty be interested in working with us!

Now as we are approaching more of a formal service model, the question has come up about verifying our legal/copyright rights to deposit and share the research data from faculty.

At the request of our copyright librarian, I am attempting to collect a sample of the agreements that others have developed, to get a sense of the level of detail requested by others blazing this path.  We are trying to determine how much we should rely on the researcher to affirm that "all is legitimate" or whether we ought to be doing our own investigation or validation of the ownership claims for the data.  While we are initially concerned about Rutgers faculty, the issue of grant-funded projects encompassing researchers from other institutions will be an issue as well.  (Note that we're not considering privacy/IRB issues with this question.)

If you have an agreement that you are comfortable with, I'd appreciate being able to take a look, whether in a document or a web page.

Please feel free to respond to me directly - if there's interest, I could collect and report back either on the list or at the RDAP meeting.

Thanks in advance,


Aletia Morgan
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