[Rdap] September 26 PASIG Webinar: How to Assess your Digital Value at Risk - The DVAR Calculator

Dick Hill rhill at asis.org
Wed Sep 18 12:34:09 EDT 2013

The next PASIG monthly webinar will be Thursday, September 26 at 11:30am
EST. This session hits on a very relevant topic that has consistently been a
discussion point in PASIG conferences; assessing your digital assets risk
and value. This webinar is free to ASIS&T members, $20 for non-members. It
will be archived. The registration website is: 



How to Assess your Digital Value at Risk - An Introduction to the Digital
Value at Risk (DVAR) Calculator 


One of the challenges facing archivists who are working with born-digital or
digitised content is understanding how to develop a systematic approach for
identifying the risks of losing digital assets stored in a variety of media.
Understanding how much your various digital assets are at risk, and what the
consequences of this loss could be for your institution, can help you to
develop an optimised approach for digital preservation. Bench marking your
digital assets register against key variables such as provenance, type of
file format, preservation strategy, storage media, and other factors can
also help you to prioritise your investment case for digital preservation.

The Digital Value at Risk (DVAR) Calculator is a new tool that applies a
risk/consequence model towards the potential loss of digital assets over
time. Mike Quinn will provide an introduction to the risk/consequence model
and provide a live demonstration of the DVAR tool, using case examples that
will be relevant to memory institutions, academic, public sector and
commercial archivists. Following the webinar, the DVAR tool and user guide
will be made freely available to PASIG members.           


Mike Quinn is a Director at Tessella, a  leader in digital preservation
technology, consulting and research. Tessella's archiving solutions are in
use by national libraries and archives on four continents, and includes
Preservica, a cloud-based digital preservation service launched in 2012.
Mike has over 25 years experience in launching award winning B2B electronic
commerce and SaaS solution companies in over 30 countries. Mike has a BSc.
in Psychology and Zoology from the University of Manchester. 

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