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I have about 7 labs using (setting up to use) LabArchives. The purpose of this little experiment is to determine any issues that need to be addressed before a site license is considered - and your question has already come up. By late spring 2016, I expect to have at least a draft version of best practices based on the issues that have come up.

Don't forget notebooks created within LabArchives can be organized by projects, grants, people, instruments, etc.

One of my research groups was concerned about all the notebooks taking up too much server space. We have discussed that at the end of a research project (how this group is being organized), each notebook can be downloaded and archived elsewhere (we now have BOX). This includes all the deletions that are never deleted. We also discussed that some of the past research projects will need to be referred to  - research builds on research - and they would have to take that into account. I've mentioned to LabArchives that researchers should be able to totally delete deletions at the end of the project and maintain the notebook within the system. This will open up server space. Intuition tells me this would not be an easy fix.

Please, let us know what you end up doing

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Hello RDAP Members:

I know some of you, but certainly not all of you, are at institutions that have adopted an electronic laboratory notebook.  This year has been a transitional year for the Lab Archives ELN at the Noble Foundation.  At this point, less than 200 total employees will be using the ELN.  (Our total employee body hovers right below 400.)

To anyone who can assist, I am curious as to what the guidelines are at your institutions regarding when it is time to create a new notebook.  We currently have a committee in place that discusses data management matters and they would be interested to know what others are doing, as well.  Most of the users have their own notebooks that their respective principal investigator maintains ownership of.   Obviously, more can be included with the ELN versus a traditional paper notebook.  It seems that over time, even an ELN would get overloaded with information.  Since our use is still somewhat in its infancy, I'm curious as to what others are doing.

Thank you.

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