[Rdap] Call for workshop papers: Computational Archival Science: digital records in the age of big data.

Richard Marciano marciano at umd.edu
Fri Jul 21 14:29:15 EDT 2017

The workshop will be held on Wednesday, December 13, 2017 in Boston, MA,
USA, in conjunction with the 2017 IEEE International Conference on Big Data
(IEEE BigData 2017) <http://cci.drexel.edu/bigdata/bigdata2017/>.

See call for papers at:

***** Submission Deadline: October 10, 2017 *****

The large-scale digitization of analog archives, the emerging diverse forms
of digital records and systems, and new ways of engaging with archival
material using technology, are resulting in disruptions to traditional
archival theories and practices. Increasing quantities of ‘big archival
data’ present challenges for the practitioners and researchers who work
with archival material, but also offer enhanced possibilities for use and
scholarly exploration through the application of computational methods and

This workshop will explore this conjunction of emerging methods and
technologies around digital records and big data with archival theory and
practice, and will examine new forms of records generation and historical,
social, scientific, and cultural research engagement with archival
institutions. We aim to identify and evaluate current trends, requirements,
and potential in these areas, to examine the new questions that they can
provoke, and to help determine possible research agendas for the evolution
of computational archival science in the coming  years, as well as
addressing the questions and concerns scholarship is raising about the
interpretation of ‘big data’ and the uses to which it is put.

Full papers, of up to 10 pages, should be submitted via the online
submission system at
https://wi-lab.com/cyberchair/2017/bigdata17/scripts/ws_submit.php. We also
encourage submission of short papers (up to 6 pages) reporting work in
progress. The submission deadline is October 10, 2017. All papers accepted
will be included in the proceedings published by the IEEE Computer Society

The workshop builds on a number of recent developments in Computational
Archival Science (see: http://dcicblog.umd.edu/cas/), and in particular on
the 1st Computational Archival Science workshop at IEEE Big Data 2016 (see:
http://dcicblog.umd.edu/cas/ieee_big_data_2016_cas-workshop/), which
attracted a range of professionals and researchers, both from the DC area
and internationally.

For more information, see the full workshop Call for Papers at
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